Denny’s SuperValu Foods employs approximately 48 part or full time employees, many of which have worked here for many years. The family atmosphere that is among the employees has played an important role in helping Denny’s SuperValu Foods thrive. Our employees work hard to help the business succeed, especially all of Denny’s knowledgeable and experienced department managers.

Jason Haegele
Grocery Manager

Employee since 1992
Manager since 1997

Tom Olson
Meat Department Manager

Employee since 1975
Manager since 2010

Mary Ross
Produce Manager

Employee since 1985
Manager since 1998

Pat Witt
Frozen Foods Manager

Employee since 2004
Manager since 2007

Deb Hill
Head Cashier

Employee since 1996
Manager since 2008

Angie Hudson
Pricing Coordinator

Employee since 2009
Pricing Coordinator since 2008

Debbie Haumschild
Floral Department

Employee since 1995
Manager since 1995

Cassie Worachek
Bakery/Deli Manager

Employee since 2006
Manager since 2013

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Phone:. (920) 487-2525
Email: info@dennyssupervalu.com

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