Hedge Balls

6 August, 2014

Look what has made its way back into our produce department just in time for fall, Hedge Balls.

Hedge balls



Hedge Balls are not meant to be eaten; instead these tennis ball sized, wrinkly green balls are used to help naturally repel spiders and other insects including: roaches, water bugs, and also rodents. While hedge balls are inedible they are not poisonous to household pets like cats and dogs. They can however, be dangerous for livestock, who have been known to swallow the hedge balls whole.

In order for hedge balls to work effectively, several hedge balls should be placed on a small pieces of tin foil and placed in multiple locations throughout the house’s basement or kitchen. After six months to a year, the hedge balls will dry to the size of a walnut and turn a rusty brown color.

Other common names for hedge balls include: hedge apple, bodark, horse apple, green brains, mock orange and monkey brains.

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