Just Bare Chicken

10 September, 2014

Recently we have begun to sell grass fed ground beef, pasture raised pork brats and also ground bison. We have now increased this selection to include chicken.

Just Bare Chicken, a subsidiary of Gold’n Plump Chicken, offers all natural chicken products that are hormone and antibiotic free.  Also, these chickens are raised on vegetables and grains and the company is an American Humane Certified company. Our selection of Just Bare Chicken includes: Boneless Skinless Thighs, Boneless Skinless Breasts, and Whole Chickens.

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One of the coolest and most unique feature of Just Bare Chicken is that each package of chicken can be traced back to the individual farm that raised the chicken you are consuming. You can find out where your chicken came from by entering the Family Farm code found on your package of Just Bare Chicken. Once you find the code all you have to do is go to Just Bare Chicken’s Website and go to the Trace Your Chicken Tab and enter in your code. You will learn about the farm and the farmers who raised the chicken you are having for dinner.

Check out this video about Just Bare Chicken and learn about how your dinner got to your plate.

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