Nestle Toll House DelightFulls

3 September, 2014

As we head into fall the days get shorter, the weather starts to cool off, and baking delicious treats starts back up. For this fall and winter baking season Nestle Toll House has come out with a new chocolate morsel to use in your baking.

DelightFull morsels look like any other chocolate chips the only different in their appearance is that these new morsels are slightly larger than a regular chocolate chip. However, once you bite into one of these morsels you quickly discover that this is no ordinary chocolate chip, each individual chip is filled with a savory center. DelightFull morsels come in 4 different flavors, Milk Chocolate Morsels with Peanut Butter Filling, Milk Chocolate Morsels with Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate Morsels with Mint Filling and Dark Chocolate Morsels with Cherry Flavored Filling.

You can use these morsels to place a new spin on a favorite recipe or you can come up with your own new recipe to go with these new filled morsels. Find these new morsels in our baking aisle.

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