The Original Charley’s Chips

12 August, 2014

The main ingredients used today to make tortilla chips (corn, water, oil and salt) are still the same ingredients that were used when tortilla chips were first invented. Since all tortilla chips share the same ingredients, all tortilla chips should have a similar taste, right? Well, after trying the Original Charley’s Chips you will find that theory is blown out of the water.

While Charley’s Chips share the same basic ingredients of all tortilla chips, what sets them apart is the additional flavoring they add to their chips.  The exact recipe for the seasoning was perfected over 25 years ago and the seasoning isn’t just sprinkled on at the end.  Its not only the seasoning that makes Charley’s Chips special, the unique process used for producing the chips also sets them apart.

Of course the taste of their chips is not only the only thing that sets Charley’s apart from other tortilla chips. Charley’s chips are gluten, dairy, msg, and cholesterol free. They are contain 0 Trans Fats and are only made with products produced in Michigan.

For more info about the Original Charley’s Chips visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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