The Veteran Beer Company

5 September, 2014

We now carry two beers that has a great mission. The Veteran Beer Company offers two beers The Veteran and Blonde Bomber.

The Veteran Beer Company was founded on July 4, 2012. The company mission focuses on more than just selling a high class domestic craft beer, it also is dedicated to helping provide disabled veterans with military veterans with a post-service career. They do this by only hiring veterans to work for their company. Along with hiring to veterans to work for their company they also donate 10% of their profits to veteran charities.

The Veteran

Amber Lager

“The Veteran Amber Lager is immediately recognizable for the rich color that appropriately conveys its medium-body.  With a 5.0% alcohol by volume, The Veteran is an easy-drinking, session beer that can satisfy even the most discerning drinker again and again without being too filling.  This beer communicates its handcrafted roots with an aroma that reveals a pleasant, subtle, malty quality that corresponds to the taste on the palate.  With IBUs in the 20-26 range, the beer naturally pairs well with a wide variety of foods.”

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Blonde Bomber

Blonde Ale

“With the Blonde Bomber American Blonde Ale, Eric created a beer that’s beautiful to look at in a clear glass.  Its blonde coloration and satisfying mouth feel are backed by a light hop aroma and a medium dry to somewhat sweet taste depending on the food accompaniment.  Like The Veteran, The Blonde Bomber is an easy-to-drink session beer with 5.0% alcohol by volume, a true craft beer created for drinkers that love a beer with a gentle flavor profile and a pleasing texture.  Its small, primrose-colored bubbles communicate the true nature of the beer both in the glass and on the palate.”

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To learn more about the veteran beer company visit their website

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